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This is the team behind Jordaan Physiotherapists

Karien Jordaan | MSc. Physiotherapy

Master's degree in Physiotherapy.

Karien is the owner of Bloemphysio. Karien qualified with a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy in 2010, and graduated as top academic student in her class. She has a special interest in sport physiotherapy and obtained her Master’s degree in sport physiotherapy at the University of the Free State.

Karien’s diversity in training includes Chronic Pain Management, Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Dry Needling Therapy, Myotatic Activated Procedures and more. Karien can also help manage children with Encopresis and Enuresis. Karien offers a unique and well-rounded perspective on physiotherapy. Explore the connection between pain and the immune system, mental health and gut microbiome or delve into mindfulness techniques. Know the importance of Sleep Hygiene and incorporate the different techniques for breathing exercises. In 2012 she attended a course in Belgium to improve her skill in the management of Psychiatry and Mental Health patients.

Her enthusiasm for physiotherapy grows continuously as she sees the impact that the right treatment can have on a patient’s quality of life and as she realizes the grace of God upon her life enabling her to practice in such a dynamic profession.

Petro van der Bijl | BSc. Physiotherapy

Accredited Chronic Pain Physiotherapist.

When it comes to chronic pain, Petro van der Bijl is a leader in this field. As one of the very few accredited Chronic Pain Physiotherapists in Bloemfontein. Her training also includes Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Dry Needling Therapy, Myotatic Activated Procedures and more. Petro's holistic approach encompasses aspects like Sleep Hygiene, Breathing and Heart Rate Variability, Pain and the Immune System, as well as mindfulness and grounding techniques.

She is an attentive listener and cares for every patient. She believes that a patient cannot recover by only treating the biology. You must treat every patient as a person. Being trusted by our patients is the only way they will get better.

She is a qualified APPI Pilates mat work instructor.

Luzanne Lordan | BSc. Physiotherapy

Credentials in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method).

Luzanne stands out with her credentials in the McKenzie Method. She's one of only two physiotherapists in Bloemfontein who has her full credentials in this field. The McKenzie Method is used to alleviate pain of the spine and extremities. The McKenzie method focuses on treating the origin of most musculoskeletal mechanical pain. By identifying the motion, position, or activity causing pain, it's possible to correct it for lasting relief. Luzanne's postgraduate training covers Dry Needling, NMS/OMT, Women's Health, Headache and Whiplash Treatment.

Luzanne has a special interest in treating outpatients with musculoskeletal problems and pulmonary disorders as well as any in-hospital physiotherapeutic treatment. She excels in providing care for infants and children who need lung physio for respiratory conditions and rehab for post-operative orthopedic conditions. Her goal is to build a healthy therapeutic alliance with every patient that she treats.

In her free time she enjoys touring our beautiful country, spending time outdoors with her husband and son, or doing DIY projects.

Carine van der Merwe | BSc. Physiotherapy

Registered MAP movement instructor.

Carine is the sole registered MAP movement instructor in Bloemfontein who specializes in addressing natural movement along various fascial lines, integrating effective breathing techniques. Her approach proves highly beneficial in calming the nervous system, reducing pain and body tension, and enhancing functional movement.

As a highly qualified physiotherapist, Carine possesses expertise in chronic pain, breathing techniques, sports rehabilitation, concussion and vertigo, pelvic and women’s health, as well as strapping and dry needling.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Carine finds joy in outdoor adventures, whether it’s running, camping, gardening, hiking, or conquering trails on her MTB, surrounded by the people she cherishes.

Simoné van der Bank | Office Manager

Simoné is the secretary, personal assistant, receptionist and administration guru of this practice. She helps organise appointments and does all the administration. She also helps with the marketing. All of the physios will say; she is just the best and she is definitely our day to day hero.

She is the friendliest receptionist anyone could meet. She loves working with people, and makes everyone feel welcome and loved.

She has done some courses in her line of work, and is passionate and efficient.

Who are we?

Jordaan Physiotherapists is a team that is friendly and passionate about people.

Our mission is to touch people's lives and leave lasting impressions.

We like to see results by providing optimal treatment with skilled and evidence based techniques.

Our special interests include sport injuries, muscle and joint pain, chronic pain, mental health and rehabilitation.

We have done many post-graduate courses including chronic pain, dry needling therapy, headaches, Kinesio tape, ethics, Pilates, back and pelvic pain, rehabilition and basic body awareness therapy.

We have treated a number of professionals such as pro golfers, Argus, Two Oceans, Ironman sportsmen and women, provincial rugby players and athletes.

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